Plant and Equipment: Bigger and Better…

Time is of the essence for innovative product ideas and market launches. Which is why plant and equipment needs to be able to keep pace with the needs of the market. We know that this is the last place where you need a bottleneck in your production process. Accordingly, we ensure that our workforce is provided with all of the equipment that they need to guarantee efficiency, productivity and the high quality needed in production.

Our core competency is the rapid and efficient execution of medium-volume production to superior quality standards.

Component preparation

A key point of focus here is component preparation. This involves the careful treatment of PCBs and sensitive parts, which are then dried to the required profile (IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020, J-STD-033x standards) gently and according to specifications.

SMD assembly

Our two SMD assembly lines each utilise a Mycronic jet printer that ensures high-precision application of solder paste to the PCBs. Our high-speed, high-precision JUKI assembly lines can assemble boards with widths up to 360 mm and lengths up to 800 mm. Downstream of these lines is the vapour-phase soldering system, which can solder SMD parts onto boards measuring up to 610 x 610 mm. Maximum PCB size: 610 x 360 mm

THT assembly

The soldering of leaded (THT) parts can be accomplished either by a lead-free (RoHS-compliant) wave soldering machine or in a lead-free selective soldering process on one of our two VERSAFLOWS from Ersa. Our wave soldering machine is capable of handling boards up to a width of 380 mm, while the selective soldering machines can solder PCBs with widths of up to 400 mm and lengths of up to 600 mm. THT components are prepared manually with the aid of mechanical, pneumatic and electrically powered cutting and bending tools.


To ensure that all parts meet the highest quality standards, we supplement visual inspections with testing carried out by our 3D AOI system from Saki. This system can test parts with lengths up to 870 mm and widths up to 686 mm.

For inspections relating to prototyping and batch production, we use the EFA inspection system, which offers quick and straightforward comparison testing versus a sample component.


Our Rework Station from Martin GmbH handles any component replacement or repair work needed – including BGAs.

Sustainable part cleaning

We offer environmentally friendly cleaning of populated PCBs with our part washing systems, which can handle boards of up to 600 mm in length.