New printer for solder paste application

Equally suited to prototyping or high-volume production, our new MY600 jet printer from Mycronic ensures the reliable and precise application of solder paste in our SMD assembly line, even at peak loads and redundancy, without requiring a stencil. The system works like an inkjet printer: fresh solder paste is applied directly onto the circuit board from a piezo valve mounted on a sealed cartridge. Time-consuming squeegee work – with all of the problems involved – is no longer needed.

With the graphical drag-and-drop interface, each individual solder point on the board is easy to optimise in terms of solder paste quantity, position, height, shape and contact area coverage. This means new work orders can be prepared even more quickly and easily, with technical modifications still possible even as last-minute changes. Good for our business – and naturally for yours as our client!

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Image: ATP Elektronik GmbH